Credit Repair alone is NOT good enough for you!

Veritas Credit provides class leading products and services that include powerful, proven strategies and techniques to not only recover lost points because of negative credit. We also help you optimize your credit profile so that every scoring aspect of your credit report is optimized.

whether your starting from no scores, medium scores or even recovering from bankruptcy, we have the experience to guide you to your credit goals, like many of our previous clients.

See how you could benefit from credit score optimization and not just credit repair with our FREE Credit Report Accuracy Consultation.

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Did You Know...

Independent, Government And Even Credit Reporting Agency Investigations Have All Proven There Are Inaccuracies On Our Credit Reports.

of credit reports contain mistakes of some kind.

of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to result in the denial of credit.

of credit reports contain information that is long outdated, belongs to a stranger, or is otherwise incorrect.

of credit reports contain credit accounts that have been closed by the consumer but are reported incorrectly.

Peer-reviewed research references:
1. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - 2014 "Medical Debts and Credit scores"
2. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - 2014 "Credit Reporting Complaint snapshot"
3. Federal Reserve Bulletin, Summer 2004 "Credit Report Accuracy and Access to Credit"
4. U.S. PIRG - The Federation of State PIRGS  2004 "Mistakes Do Happen"
5. See more reports by clicking here

How does your credit report compare?

Did You Know...

Even Fair Credit (650-699) Can Cost You Significantly Compared To Excellent Credit (750+) In Many Areas Of Your Life Including...


Auto Loans


Credit Cards

What is your credit costing you?

Did You Know...

If You Had Or Have Any Of The Following, You Must Audit All Your Credit Reports For Accuracy To Ensure Your Credit Scores Are Not Being Held Back Unfairly!

  • Late Payments
  • Collection Accounts
  • Judgements
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankrutpcies
  • Inquiries
  • Charged Off Accounts
  • Repossesions
  • Foreclosures
  • Short Sales
  • Personal Information
  • And More...

What inaccuracies are on your credit report holding you back?

Did You Know...

You Can Leverage Consumer Laws To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Repair Efforts And Hold Companies Accountable!

  • FCRA | The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to hold credit reporting agencies accountable about what they are reporting and make request for either the correcting of inaccurate information or deletion of unverifiable information.
  • FACTA | The Fair and Accurate Transaction Act gives you protection in regards to identity theft and allows you free credit reports every 365 days.
  • FCBA | The Fair Credit Billing Act gives the right to make specific information request from original creditors.
  • FDCBA | The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the ability to hold 3rd party collection companies.
  • There are many more consumer laws that you can utilize to help you on your quest to accurate credit reports and scores.

Veritas Credit does NOT provide legal advice and the descriptions above are NOT complete. For further information on these consumers laws please read them in their entirety or consult with a legal professional.

Are you making sure your credit reports are Accurate?

Did You Know...

That Negative Reporting Accounts Affect only 35% Of Your Overall Credit Scores And There is Another 65% That Can Be Addressed.

Are you working on the other 65% of your credit scores?

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$191.89 worth of credit information You must know before working on your credit

Veritas Credit Has Various Solutions Available To Fit Your Credit Goal Needs. All of our solutions Include...


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You Deserve An Accurate Credit Report!

Veritas Credit Has Various Solutions Available To Fit Your Credit Goal Needs. All of our solutions Include...


We've packaged as much information as we could in our Do-It-Yourself Products. Whether you just need to learn the foundation of disputing basic items or you need advanced online coaching to squeeze the most out of your credit report, we have you covered. Did we mention our industry  leading 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.


Factual Petitioning™ is the must know method for disputing ANYTHING on your credit report. Watch over our shoulder as we show you the step by step process to  create a Factual Petition™ and more.



In this easy to follow online coaching program you'll learn the exact advanced strategies we use to get our clients results when it seems that the credit reporting agencies and creditors are not participating like they should.



Our professional services have been developed with years of experience behind them. They are designed to fit your budget and timeline needs. All of our Paid Services include the following benefits.

FREE One on One Consultation ($147 value)

Unlimited Negative Account Disputes

NO Up Front Fees

Credit Discovery Audit™

Creditor Interventions

Performance Pricing

Credit Score Intensive Report

Correction Valet™

Cancel Anytime - No Long Term Contracts

Personalized Investigation Requests

Regular Scheduled Case Reviews

Industry Leading - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Factual Petition System

Certified FICO™ Professionals

Lifetime Results Warranty


Our Standard offerings are anything but standard. We have designed the following with various circumstances in mind. While most clients will be more than covered with our Essentials program, we developed our Executive program for those that my want more.


Not all credit reports and personal needs are the same. These services have been designed with your unique credit needs in mind.


Your getting a fresh financial start because of bankruptcy, unfortunately it doesn’t mean your getting a fresh credit start. You can recover your credit quicker by implementing a specific strategy. We will show you exactly how your credit scores are being held back and this doesn’t even include the reporting bankruptcy. Don’t let you bankruptcy linger any longer then it needs to.



Veritas Private Client is our Concierge Credit Service and is designed for those with no spare time left in their day and have specific requirements that must be meet. With direct anytime access to the Certifed FICO™ Professional managing your case you will not only receive personal one-on-one coaching, they will also help you complete steps on your behalf.


Frequent Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I do credit reapir on my own?

    Absolutely, In fact if your just looking for some simple guidance join our Start Credit Repair System for Free and you’ll be given the basic tools to get after it.

  • q-iconWhat are the Upfront Fees?

    Veritas Credit does NOT charge any up front fees. All fees that Veritas Credit may earn are charged only after services have been provided. All fees are based on the performance and the result achieved.

  • q-iconWhy Should I Hire Veritas?

    You shouldn’t, unless you want Certified FICO® Professionals working with you and have an experienced team behind you. We only take on clients that we feel will benefit form our programs. NOT all consumers will qualify and we may suggest that you take other steps prior to doing any credit repair work on your own or with any company.

  • q-iconDo You Charge A Monthly Fee For Professional Services?

    Our Essentials program covers the majority of consumers situations and there is NO monthly fee associated with this service.

  • q-iconDo You Have Waranty Or Guarantee?

    While it is against the law to guarantee a specific outcome. We do however, have a warranty on our work and if we are unsuccessful in getting any items corrected or deleted in 90 days. You may ask for all your money back that you may have paid to us for your Discovery Audit and Score Optimization Report.

  • q-iconHow Do I SIGN UP?

    Unlike many companies that will take your credit card before talking to you, we have a different approach. 1st thing we do with every potential client is complete a Free Credit Report Accuracy Check. Once this is done and there is a verified need for services, we will walk you through the sign up process.

Here's An Incredible Free Gift For You!

$191.89 worth of credit information You must know before working on your credit

Veritas Credit Has Various Solutions Available To Fit Your Credit Goal Needs. All of our solutions Include...


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